Welcome to the Computing Sector!


At the Computing Sector, we are looking to help those who are starting to learn computers and its associated mathematics. We are also looking to help those preparing for an IT job interview, students who are majoring in a computer science/IT related curriculum, and those learning the mathematics behind the financial markets. We are focused on the computing and problem solving involved with computer science, mathematics, financial markets, and the computation involved with problems in these industries.


According to the Wikipedia, computing is any activity that uses computers to communicate information for various purposes. It includes development of both hardware and software. Computing is a critical, integral component of modern industrial technology.


Topics in computing can be very challenging. The computer field is very lucrative. Especially, the part of the computer field that deals with the financial markets. Those who initially take the career path to enter the computer field are usually faced with a reality that a lot of mathematics is involved with the education provided by higher education institutions that will prepare you for opportunities in the computer field. At this point, it is very important to understand the theory and concepts of computing versus the hands-on implementation. If you can master the theory and concepts of computing, the implementation will come to you naturally.


By providing quality videos and content that describes step-by-step worked problems related to computer science, mathematics, financial markets, and the computation to solutions needed in these industries, we will achieve our goal of providing useful information to help anyone get past these learning hurdles. Hopefully, our content will bring value to you by helping you pass your classes in pursuit of a computer related degree and also prepare you for any future Computer/IT related/Financial Markets job interview or help with problem solving in these industries.